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CRY BABY, CRY - Cosmo Calling



Director: Dan Ollerhead

Shot all in one studio, this was a simple shoot with minimal setups. We decided upon zoom lenses for 2 reasons; we weren't looking for fast lenses as we had a base of 3200ASA and we knew we wanted to move through setups quickly so zooming in was much quicker than swinging lenses.


Shooting 4:3 was interesting but much better for the wide shots as we didn't have to worry about creating visual interest on the edge of frame. Conversely, shooting the drum kit was interesting as we would usually get a full lit in 16:9 but we went for a minimal kit to fit the frame better.

Camera: Sony A7s MkII

Lenses: Fujinon MK 18-55mm/50-135mm

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